Here at our goal is to put you in a wetsuit that not only keeps you warm but also gives you the buoyancy you need which will allow you to exert less energy during your swim discipline. Half the battle with swimming is exerting energy by kicking to keep your self at the top of the water. These wetsuits take the work out of staying in the swimming position and allow you to be more efficient

We offer multiple brands because unfortunately some body types just can’t fit into specific suits. Take the Orca brand for example. A woman who is 5’5″ 155 pounds will not be able to fit into an Orca wetsuit. The medium goes up to 147 which puts her out of the weight chart by 8 pounds. Weight wise she would be perfect for a large (145-163) but the minimum height requirement for that suit is 5’10”. This is why we carry a wide variety of brands and styles.

Every wetsuit brand has a certain weight chart for specific sizes stated by their manufacturer. Some sizes cover 15,30, and even 45 pounds for certain brands. Take those numbers with a grain of salt. Although a manufacturer may say a size covers 15 pounds this is usually not the case. Some brands tend to fit smaller and customers who are under the weight chart find the fit perfect. Weight is the main factor we look at when deciding which suit to send but other variables including height and bust will influence our wetsuit selection as well.

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