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 Our Triathlon Wetsuit Rental Philosophy

  Our company was founded by athletes for athletes and anyone willing to test new waters. We understand the exhilaration that comes from completing a triathlon and can appreciate the magnitude of such an achievement. We have the highest gratitude for our customers which is why we love to display so many of them in our wetsuit rentals within the pages of our website. For over six years we have strived to put forth the highest quality products along with unparalleled customer service. Our shipping policy ensures that the wetsuit ordered will arrive with ample time for testing and comfort acclimation. We are committed to providing on time delivery, expedient shipping and the longest wetsuit rental period in the industry. Our customers are our greatest asset and we value our ability to offer the highest quality products at competitive pricing. We welcome you to become a part of the triwetsuitrental family and to step into one of our suits the next time you step into the great blue wonder.

  In today’s digital age where the hustle and bustle of everyday life can become overwhelming, we recognize that it is crucial for our company to remain connected to the needs of our customers so that our response time can match the time sensitive nature of our client’s concerns.

We are available twenty-four hours a day to answer any questions that may arise related to the wetsuit rental process. In the event we are assisting another customer at the time of your query, we will make every attempt to respond to any questions or concerns promptly.

We believe that comprehensive customer service is paramount to the success of our business. As our goal is to remain at the pinnacle of triathlon equipment supply we take every effort in responding to our customers in an efficient manner.

Allow us to exceed your expectations.

 Specializing in Triathlon Wetsuit rentals

Wetsuits do indeed keep you warmer than you would be without one, but this really isn’t the primary function of the suit. Triathlon wetsuits give you buoyancy, and allow you to swim faster and more efficiently thus allowing you to save your energy for the other disciplines. Buoyancy is the main function of the suit and swimming faster and more efficient is a result of being buoyant. Being buoyant in the water helps reduce drag because you’re higher up in the water than you normally would be without a suit. Less water equals less resistance. Most triathlon wetsuits now days, whether they are entry level or elite, are coated with some form of SCS which has hydrophobic properties and helps reduce drag so you glide through the water.

Here at Tri Wetsuit Rentals one of our top priorities is to make the wetsuit rental process as easy and painless as possible. Our wetsuit rental inventory consists of 2015-2017 model triathlon wetsuits from Blue70, 2XU, Orca, Zoot, Huub, Rocket Science, Zone3, Aquaman, ROKA, Aqua Sphere, and Tyr.

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