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Thank You For Your Rental!

Your order has been received and we are currently processing your triathlon wetsuit reservation. If you have any questions regarding your rental, please contact us by phone at 813-546-6235 or by email mike@triwetsuitrentals.com

Read below for important details about receiving and returning your wetsuit: 

Orders placed before the Monday ship date:

Orders will be sent out on Monday, 13 days before your race weekend. This gives you plenty of time to try on and get accustomed to your wetsuit.  Expedited shipping options are available but unless you’re renting a wetsuit inside the Monday ship date we recommend ground.  Once the wetsuit has been shipped we will send you an email with a tracking number. If you rent multiple wetsuits the cost for shipping is still just $10, no matter how many wetsuits you rent. Never been in a triathlon wetsuit before? That’s alright, we’ll send out information about how to properly put on your wetsuit.

Orders placed after the Monday ship date:

If you order your wetsuit after that Monday ship date then we will send your suit out the next day if we have it in stock.  Be cautious, it is better to reserve your wetsuit ahead of time so that if there is a delay in shipping we have ample time to rectify the problem.  Once it’s shipped it is out of our control, but if there is a problem we will contact our shipping service and try to find a solution.  If you’re ordering within a week you should email us at mike@ethosenterprises.com or call to verify that we do have that wetsuit in stock and that it’s not already accounted for by another renter. If you’re ordering your triathlon wetsuit within a week of your event you must use expedited shipping to ensure it reaches you by the event.

How to Return Your Wetsuit

Before returning your wetsuit make sure that it has been thoroughly rinsed, dried, and turned inside out

We understand that you all have lives,spouses,work and kids and that sometimes things get delayed. If this occurs just email or call us @ 813-546-6235 and we can extend your rental for 1 additional week for $15. But if that Wednesday does pass and we don’t hear from you the late fee will increase to $30. If it’s not returned by the 3rd Thursday after your event you will be have to pay the price of the wetsuit less the rental fee. You MUST call or email us if you wish to purchase your suit!