*Ship Date-2nd Monday before your event weekend (Approx. 13 days).

*Arrival Date-No later than Thursday, a week and a half before your event.


Rent Wetsuit

Orders made before the Monday ship date:

Orders are sent out on Monday, 13 days before your race weekend. Your wetsuit will arrive no later than Thursday, a week and a half before your event (1-3 days shipping). This gives you plenty of time to get multiple swims in with your wetsuit. We encourage you to swim in your wetsuit often because unless you’ve been in one, it’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever worn before.

Orders made after the Monday ship date:

If you order your wetsuit within 2 weeks of your event, your suit will be sent out the following day and arrive within 1-3 days. We get a lot of late orders and unless your event is in 2-3 days we recommend using standard ground. If it’s Wednesday or later the week of your race we would urge you to use expedited shipping to ensure your suit arrives before your event.

Extended Rental Options:

We do have extended rental options available for customers who wish to receive or keep their wetsuit for a longer period. We offer two extended rental options including shipping our suits out earlier than our normal ship date and customers being able to keep their wetsuits longer than the normal return date.

*Normal ship date-2nd Monday before event (Free)
Ship 1 week early-3rd Monday before event ($15)
Ship 2 weeks early-4th Monday before event ($27)
*Normal return date-Ship wetsuit back by Wednesday following event weekend (3 days)
Ship the wetsuit back by the 2nd Wednesday after your event ($15).
Ship the wetsuit back by the 3rd Wednesday after your event ($27).


Wetsuits need to be shipped back by Wednesday (3 days) following the race weekend unless you selected the extended rental option to keep your suit longer.

Our wetsuit rental process is quite easy. Just fill out the information on our easy to use form stack and your triathlon wetsuit will be reserved. If you have any questions regarding anything feel free to email or call us (813-546-6235).