Remember, these suits are supposed to fight really tight. This tightness usually subsides after you get in the water and the wetsuit expands. Before you make a judgement on whether or not a suit fits you must swim in it. It is hard to gauge if a wetsuit fits or not just by trying it on. These wetsuits are hot and tight when you are on dry land. One test that you can do is to squat down and simulate a swimming motion with your arms. A wetsuit that’s too tight will give you a lot of resistance. If after properly putting on the wetsuit you still believe that it doesn’t fit, contact us immediately and we will send a replacement suit out. The other suit must be returned back to us the same day the replacement suit is sent out. Customers are responsible for shipping the first wetsuit back to us. The replacement wetsuit will be the same style wetsuit (sleeved/sleeveless) that was originally ordered.

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