So it’s the week of your event and you’ve either procrastinated or that suit you borrowed from your friend just doesn’t fit.  Don’t worry.  We’ve had a lot of customers in your boat.   In most cases, if the order is made early enough, we can ship the suit out the same day the order is made.  This is important if you have waited until Tuesday or Wednesday the week of your event to place your order since time is critical and we don’t want you to pay extra for expedited shipping if it’s not necessary.  Remember, you don’t count the day it’s shipped as a day.  So if the wetsuit is sent out on Wednesday, Thursday would be day one and Friday would be day two.  Last year over 90% of our orders took 2 days to arrive with standard ground and every package arrived on it’s estimated delivery date.

         We urge you to call (813-546-6235) or email ( us if you are ordering late so we can tell you if we have a wetsuit available and when your suit is scheduled to arrive.  Standard ground shipping can be used for orders placed on Monday or Tuesday the week of your event.  We realize a lot of people procrastinate so late orders are not uncommon. The downside is that if there is a problem with your triathlon wetsuit fitting this leaves no time for exchanges.

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