Small tears are going to happen. The neoprene in most of these suits is quite delicate and tears rather easily. The most common cause of wetsuit tears come from finger nails when donning your wetsuit. When putting your wetsuit on be sure to use the tips of your fingers and not your nails. For small tears there will be no charge but please be careful still. If the tear is large and goes all the way through, you may be charged the purchase price of the wetsuit depending on whether the suit can be repaired. What constitutes a large tear? If it’s 2-3 inches or longer that’s a pretty good indication the wetsuit was mishandled. We charge a minimum of $15 for damage that we deem as negligent up to the price of the wetsuit for extreme damage.

The last thing we want is for people to worry they’ll be charged for tears, especially when they have bigger things to think about like their race. Last year, in 2015, we charged one individual for damage and that’s because the suit was used during a tough mudder.

If the wetsuit comes back with any damage to the zipper (detached or missing teeth) there is a $75 charge. Please do not yank the zipper.

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