Our Philosophy

A picture is worth a thousand words


  Our company was founded by athletes for athletes and anyone willing to test new waters. We understand the exhilaration that comes from completing a triathlon and can appreciate the magnitude of such an achievement. We have the highest gratitude for our customers which is why we love to display so many of them in our wetsuit rentals within the pages of our website. For over six years we have strived to put forth the highest quality products along with unparalleled customer service. Our shipping policy ensures that the wetsuit ordered will arrive with ample time for testing and comfort acclimation. We are committed to providing on time delivery, expedient shipping and the longest wetsuit rental period in the industry. Our customers are our greatest asset and we value our ability to offer the highest quality products at competitive pricing. We welcome you to become a part of the triwetsuitrental family and to step into one of our suits the next time you step into the great blue wonder.

In today’s digital age where the hustle and bustle of everyday life can become overwhelming, we recognize that it is crucial for our company to remain connected to the needs of our customers so that our response time can match the time sensitive nature of our client’s concerns.

We are available twenty-four hours a day to answer any questions that may arise related to the wetsuit rental process. In the event we are assisting another customer at the time of your query, we will make every attempt to respond to any questions or concerns promptly.

We believe that comprehensive customer service is paramount to the success of our business. As our goal is to remain at the pinnacle of triathlon equipment supply we take every effort in responding to our customers in an efficient manner.

Allow us to exceed your expectations.

Sleeved versus Sleeveless wetsuit

Determining whether to go with a sleeved versus sleeveless wetsuit is a dilemma new triathletes face. Both styles of wetsuits will undoubtedly provide a better swimming time than not having one. This is because triathlon wetsuit, both sleeved and sleeveless, have buoyancy panels strategically located throughout the suit that “lift” a swimmer up in the water thus decreasing the resistance. Below we will look at both the sleeved and sleeveless wetsuits pros and cons.


The majority of our customers go with the sleeved wetsuit. Sleeved wetsuits are full body wetsuits that cover your arms all the way to your lower calf. They are a bit harder to get on and off compared to the sleeveless wetsuit but offer a bit more buoyancy because of the extra rubber in the arms. During races where water temperatures are cold, they are preferred since they will keep you warmer than a sleeveless wetsuit. Full sleeved wetsuits are faster because less water will enter the suit compared to the sleeveless. This is why when an event is wetsuit legal, pros tend to use a sleeved wetsuit.


Although the majority of our wetsuit rental customers choose sleeved suits, sleeveless wetsuits are not without their advantages. They are easier to get on and off and allow for a faster transition time. With a little bit of practice in a sleeved suit, this can be improved. Some triathletes find the sleeved suits too confining and prefer the sleeveless wetsuit, even in colder conditions. We have had customers go with a sleeveless wetsuit when water temperatures were in the low 60’s. We think they’re crazy but they just like the sensation of feeling the water during their stroke. For longer distance races, where the water temperatures are not too chilly, a sleeveless suit would be recommended due to the possibility of overheating in a sleeved wetsuit. Since it is impossible to seal the arm cusps on a sleeveless wetsuit more water will enter your suit and create a bit more drag than a sleeved suit. Some customers who come from a swimming background and are new to triathlons like the sleeveless wetsuits because they feel the sleeved wetsuits restrict their swim stroke. If a person is hesitant about going with a sleeved wetsuit because they are worried about being fully enclosed, we try to steer them in the direction of the sleeveless. What tends to happen is people make up their mind before they receive the suit that it will be too tight.

When does the suit ship?

Our scheduled ship date is the second Monday, approximately 13 days before your event weekend. We offer long rental periods because we believe there should be no surprises come race day.   After the wetsuit has been shipped it will arrive within 1-3 days, giving you a week and a half to get a feel for the suit. If you would like your wetsuit sent a week earlier, we will ship it out on the previous Monday from your ship date and the fee will be $15. If you want it sent out 2 weeks earlier the fee will be $27 (month rental).

  For example.  Orders placed after the ship date will be sent out the next day. We ask that customers call or email to check for availability for late orders.

Ship Dates:
2nd Monday before event=Normal ship date (free)
3rd Monday before event=$15
4th Monday before event=$27

If I rip or damage my rental wetsuit will I be charged?

Small tears are going to happen. The neoprene in most of these suits is quite delicate and tears rather easily. The most common cause of wetsuit tears come from finger nails when donning your wetsuit. When putting your wetsuit on be sure to use the tips of your fingers and not your nails. For small tears there will be no charge but please be careful still. If the tear is large and goes all the way through, you may be charged the purchase price of the wetsuit depending on whether the suit can be repaired. What constitutes a large tear? If it’s 2-3 inches or longer that’s a pretty good indication the wetsuit was mishandled. We charge a minimum of $15 for damage that we deem as negligent up to the price of the wetsuit for extreme damage.

The last thing we want is for people to worry they’ll be charged for tears, especially when they have bigger things to think about like their race. Last year, in 2015, we charged one individual for damage and that’s because the suit was used during a tough mudder.

If the wetsuit comes back with any damage to the zipper (detached or missing teeth) there is a $75 charge. Please do not yank the zipper.

What sizes do your rentals go up to?

For the men our sizes range from 4’10″-6’7″ and 120-265 lbs for the weight. For the women our sizes go from 5’00″-6’02″ and 95-265 lbs.

What if the suit does not fit?

Remember, these suits are supposed to fight really tight. This tightness usually subsides after you get in the water and the wetsuit expands. Before you make a judgement on whether or not a suit fits you must swim in it. It is hard to gauge if a wetsuit fits or not just by trying it on. These wetsuits are hot and tight when you are on dry land. One test that you can do is to squat down and simulate a swimming motion with your arms. A wetsuit that’s too tight will give you a lot of resistance. If after properly putting on the wetsuit you still believe that it doesn’t fit, contact us immediately and we will send a replacement suit out. The other suit must be returned back to us the same day the replacement suit is sent out. Customers are responsible for shipping the first wetsuit back to us. The replacement wetsuit will be the same style wetsuit (sleeved/sleeveless) that was originally ordered.

When do I ship the suit back to you?

 Wetsuits need to be post marked no later than the Wednesday after your event (3 days).  If a wetsuit is shipped out on or before the post mark date, and the package is delayed, there will be no late fees.

 If the wetsuit is not returned by the 2nd Monday (8 days) after your event you will be charged a $25 late fee.  If the wetsuit is not returned by the 3rd Monday (16 days) you will be charged the purchase price of the suit minus the rental credit.

What kind of suits do you rent?

Our wetsuit inventory consists mainly of 2014-2016 model wetsuits. The main brands we carry are: Orca, 2XU, Zoot, Aqua Sphere, Blue70, TYR, Rocket Science, Huub, and Nineteen.

Why Rent from Tri Wetsuit Rentals?

Here at triwetsuitrentals.com our goal is to put you in a wetsuit that not only keeps you warm but also gives you the buoyancy you need which will allow you to exert less energy during your swim discipline. Half the battle with swimming is exerting energy by kicking to keep your self at the top of the water. These wetsuits take the work out of staying in the swimming position and allow you to be more efficient

We offer multiple brands because unfortunately some body types just can’t fit into specific suits. Take the Orca brand for example. A woman who is 5’5″ 155 pounds will not be able to fit into an Orca wetsuit. The medium goes up to 147 which puts her out of the weight chart by 8 pounds. Weight wise she would be perfect for a large (145-163) but the minimum height requirement for that suit is 5’10”. This is why we carry a wide variety of brands and styles.

Every wetsuit brand has a certain weight chart for specific sizes stated by their manufacturer. Some sizes cover 15,30, and even 45 pounds for certain brands. Take those numbers with a grain of salt. Although a manufacturer may say a size covers 15 pounds this is usually not the case. Some brands tend to fit smaller and customers who are under the weight chart find the fit perfect. Weight is the main factor we look at when deciding which suit to send but other variables including height and bust will influence our wetsuit selection as well.

What if my event was cancelled?

If your event is cancelled for whatever reason, we cannot refund your money unless your event was cancelled before shipment of the wetsuit. Once a wetsuit is shipped we do not offer refunds.   Event cancellations do occur unfortunately.   If your event is cancelled we will give you half off your next rental.