Here at Tri Wetsuit Rentals our top priority is to help you have a successful swim.  We do this by shipping our wetsuits out earlier than any other company, giving you ample time to feel confidant for your swim.  Triathlon wetsuits take some time to get used to, especially if you’ve never been in one.  Below we answer three of the most asked questions regarding our process.

1. When will my wetsuit ship and when is it due back?

 Wetsuits will ship out 13 days before your event weekend on a Monday and arrive 2-3 days after being shipped. If you order a wetsuit inside the ship date, your suit will be sent out the following business day. In some cases, if the order is placed early enough in the morning, we can send it out that day with our other shipments. Wetsuits need to be returned by the 2nd Wednesday after your event which gives you about a week and a half to return it. They also need to be postmarked by the first Wednesday following your event. This will ensure that they arrive back by the return date.

Important dates

  • Ship date-2nd Monday before event weekend (13 days)
  • Arrival date-No later than Thursday, 10 days before event weekend.
  • Postmark date-Wednesday following event.
  • Return date-2nd Wednesday after event.

2. Should I order a sleeve or sleeveless style suit?

This is the million dollar question.  Both suits have their advantages and disadvantages.  Sleeved suits are generally faster, more buoyant, and keep you warmer than a sleeveless suit.  Sleeveless suits are easier to get on and off and give you free range of motion with your swim stroke.

For water temperatures ranging between 72°-78° we would recommend going with a sleeveless suit.  The sleeveless suit will keep you warm enough at these temperatures while a sleeved suit may get hot, especially at longer distances (Olympic,Half, Full).

Some people are concerned with feeling too confined in a full sleeve suit and if that’s your case, we urge you to go with a sleeveless wetsuit.

If you have never been in a triathlon wetsuit and are ordering your suit the week of your event we recommend a sleeveless suit.  It’s easier to get acclimated to a sleeveless suit on short notice than it is a sleeved.

Our Wetsuit Rentals Offer You:
• Quality wetsuits from top name brands
• Pre-Paid return shipping options
• Expedited shipping options
• Cost effective for beginner triathlete
• Reliable customer service
• Extended Rental options

We ship our wetsuit rentals out the 2nd Monday before your event giving you plenty of time to get accustomed to your suit!